Hi, I'm Adam.

I am a experienced ASP.NET developer, but I am currently dreaming of bigger and better things elsewhere in the development ecosystem.

About me

I originally studied English Literature for my undergraduate degree way back in 2008 – lots of lofty discussions about postmodern poetry and national identity in the poetry of Philip Larkin – that kinda stuff. I had always thought that I was an “arty” person rather than a “techy” one so spent most of my early life blinded by this assumption. And then I saw the light..

After finishing university, I decided that I’d like to get into programming having always been a dab hand at computer-y sort of stuff. I stumbled across the Computer Science MSc conversion course at the University of Hertfordshire in early 2012 and began learning all forms of programming languages and other techy stuff. I have been programming seriously coming up to 3 years now and have learnt all sorts of weird & wonderful stuff.

I always like to experiment with new things; to leave no stone unturned. I’m really interested in the real-time web as I think that that is the way things are going to go in the next couple of years, so you’ll often find me getting my teeth into projects to do with WebSockets / SignalR etc. Aside from this, recent experiments have included playing around with Scala and the Play Framework, Google Dart, and Node.js / socket.io.  I very much hold the polyglot developer mindset, and I think it’s important to have wide-ranging knowledge in a variety of programming languages and technologies.

I am currently working with the lovely people at MB Interactive in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. We build cool stuff and we’re generally awesome.