I'm Adam.

I am a experienced ASP.NET developer, but I am currently dreaming of bigger and better things elsewhere in the development ecosystem.

About me

I originally studied English Literature for my undergraduate degree way back in 2008 – lots of lofty discussions about postmodern poetry and national identity in the poetry of Philip Larkin – that kinda stuff. I had always thought that I was an “arty” person rather than a “techy” one so I spent most of my early life blinded by this assumption. And then I saw the light..

After finishing university, I decided that I’d like to get into programming having always been a dab hand at computer-y sort of stuff. I stumbled across the Computer Science MSc conversion course at the University of Hertfordshire in early 2012 and haven't looked back. I have been programming seriously coming up to 4 years now and I have learnt all sorts of weird & wonderful stuff.

I always like to experiment with new things; my ethos is to leave no stone unturned. I very much hold the polyglot developer mindset, and I think it’s important to have wide-ranging knowledge in a variety of programming languages and technologies.

I am currently working with the lovely people at MB Interactive as an ASP.NET developer. We build cool stuff and we’re generally awesome.

My blog is intended to be a "thought pad" where I can publish solutions to programming problems that I spent more time on than was necessary. Generally I post about topics that I believe will benefit the wider development community. Sometimes certain development practices go out of vogue (or they were never in vogue in the first place), so I cannot provide any guarentees that the information I have posted is accurate. However I try my best to ensure that the information I post is as accurate as it can be. If you find an error on my blog, then please email me at [email protected] and I will correct it.