I'm all about productivity and if I can tweak my workflow to save even a miniscule ounce of time (strange expression but I'm going to go with it), then I am game. 

The Scenario

Okay so you have a Git repository, and that repository is stored remotely in several places.. everytime you commit new code you're going to have to execute git push [remote] [branch] multiple times based on the number of Git remotes you have setup..

An example would be if, for some strange reason, you commit your code to both BitBucket and GitHub, or the more likely option that you use Heroku to deploy via Git, and at the same time store your code on BitBucket or GitHub.

The Solution To All Your Problems

Luckily enough, you can create a Git alias to do all of the legwork of executing the git push [remote] [branch] command to each of your remotes. For example, I created a new alias using the command below:

git config alias.pushall '!git push heroku master && git push bitbucket master'

Now when you've create a new commit like so:

git add .
git commit -m "I SHOULD GO TO BED"

Instead of running git push twice like so:

git push heroku master
git push bitbucket master

You can just call:

git pushall

And both remotes will be pushed to in the same line. Wunderbar!