I have finally gotten around to creating my own simple Webpack / JSX / Hot Module Replacement / CSS Module starter kit.

This is the basic feature set:

  • React
  • Redux pattern with react-redux bindings
  • ES6 / Babel
  • Lodash
  • Redux connected react-router
  • Airbnb EsLint configuration
  • CSS modules using css-loaderstyle-loader, and sass-loader
  • Uses node-sass for SASS compilation
  • Sourcemaps using source-map and Webpack source-map-loader
  • Redux action logging with redux-logger
  • Hot module replacement / live reloading using react-hot-loader v3
  • Postcss with autoprefixer

You can start using it on your projects and it is available to clone via GitHub:


Any suggestions or tips please email me at [email protected].